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Welcome to Hudson Global Limited T/A Valve Supplies Ltd

Tel: 0800 505 456

Email: Stephen@ValveSupplies.co.nz

Welcome to: Hudson Global Limited T/A Valve Supplies, this is a privately owned NZ Registered Company, importing and supplying high quality valves, taps, hoses and other associated products direct to New Zealand Plumbers and Industry. The Director - Stephen Hudson has been involved in this industry since 1988.

Although we are set up as a trade supplier to sell to plumbers, we do sell to the public and other customer groups, so with this website we have various customer categories, Retail (Public), Plumbers, Engineers, Farmers, Orchardists, and Plumbing Merchants or Farm Merchants. Different products, prices and discounts are offered to the various customer groups.

You cannot view any prices or order online without being logged in.  This enables us to maintain the best possible prices for our customers without our competitors having direct access to our prices or discount structure. Use the button above to "Create An Account" or if already created use the "Login" button above to enter the site. Once logged in you can view all the prices, view special offers and order online. You can also use the site for quotations, price comparassons and save selected items into your wish list to order latter.

For further information or to place an order by telephone please call us direct on 0800 505 456 or email to Stephen@ValveSupplies.co.nz our office hours are 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday to make it easy for all Customers to call us to enquire on prices or order by phone. Plumbers you are most welcome to call us after dinner until 8pm to place orders. 

"Dont hesitate to call - approx 50% of our sales are from our customers ordering online, 35% are from customers calling direct on the free phone number 0800 505 456 " the rest from emails.

"We Welcome all calls between 8am and 8pm Mon-Fri should it not be possible to take your call the mobile secretary will take a message and we can then call you back" as soon as possible.

Now please "Login (or register a new account)" to gain access to view the prices and current special offers and place your order online. 

The Director - Stephen Hudson has been trading since 1988, providing a peace of mind full product replacement waranty should a product be found to be defective, and we have comprehensive business insurance to cover any such resulting damage caused from the use of a faulty product, in saying this the products are of the highest possible quality that we can source. Please read our terms and conditions of sale for more details.

Best Regards

Stephen Hudson


Hudson Global Limited - T/A Valve Supplies

T: 0800 505 456

E: Stephen@ValveSupplies.co.nz

PS: Please also link to our companies  www.HudsonGlobal.co.nz  

www.AutoGates.com , www.SecurityFog.co.nz and www.ChompfishingProducts.co.nz


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